Alec Wolf

Team Size: Solo          Duration: 1 Week
Updated April 2020

A 2 person co-op remake of Rocket Patrol where a rock and scissors must work together to take out paper airplanes while avoiding cloud obstacles.

This was a very short independent project based off of provided code replicating the game Rocket Patrol. Developed in Phaser3, my main goal was to step back from the coding I normally focus on and instead focus on asset creation and reworking the game mechanics.

My Work

Art and Sound Assets

All art and sound assets were created by me.

Rock and Scissor Mechanic

Reworked the logic for the previous rocket launch to instead be dependent on a second actor, the scissors, overlapping and cutting in order to drop.

Cloud Obstacles

Set up a system for randomly choosing and spacing a series of clouds to act as obstacles scrolling across the landscape with frequency based on difficulty. Also set up collision event to stop the rock and play an animation if the falling rock hits a cloud.