Alec Wolf

Team Size: 8          Duration: 3 Weeks          Role: Lead Programmer
Updated December 2020

A pair of humans compete against a raccoon to gather the most trash from the neighborhood by using their unique abilities.

This was a digital adaptation of a board game designed by the same team of people. It was developed in Unity, doing our best to keep the scope small enough that we could make all of our assets ourselves and keep all of the functionality needed for the board game during the limited timeframe that the project was allowed.

My Contributions

Map Generation

HexMap – Manages generating the hex map from a txt file, formatting the tile placement, and functions for interacting with the tile map.

TileInfo – Stores all information about the specific tile including its type, coordinate, and token occupant.

Possible Path Finding

Calculates all tiles that the player could move to and highlighted given tiles, not allowing the user to select impossible moves.

Audio Manager

Simple audio driver that plays sound effects on given events.

Camera Controller

User input controller to manipulate camera at fixed angle with rotation, panning, and zoom.

Player Movement

Paths movement between start and destination with interpolated movement between tiles and piece rotation.